Dienstag, Mai 08, 2012

Evening Raga

Don Camillo und Peppone 1952


First piano:Hsin-Bei Tang(湯欣蓓)
Second piano:Shih-Yu Tang(湯詩渝)
Saweri Ki Raga

Saweri Ki Raga

YOUNG: Attended, and it was considered the best installation in the entire festival. Meanwhile, Marian then had a one-year installation of her calligraphy at a new place in Southern Germany, at a special place called Regenbogenstadl. This means "Rainbow Barn". It's a special new art museum, which is created by the twin sister of our main patron, Heiner Friedrich, Heika Friedrich. Heika and her boyfriend Uli Sch?gger became very interested in Marian's work, and they gave her a big show of her calligraphy, and then they decided to present our DVD installation at Regenbogenstadl. So, the DVD installation at Regenbogenstadl is now running in its second year. We've had three years continuously at this museum. The last two of which are the DVD of the Well-Tuned Piano and the Magenta Lights.