Samstag, April 21, 2012

Fassbinder. Welt am Draht

Nico - All Tomorrows Parties

Arbeitslosigkeit hin oder her. Das Abo der Zeitschrift „wire“ habe ich verlängert bis in das Jahr 2013. Jeden Monat haut mir diese Zeitschrift Musik und Musiker um die Ohren von der/über die ich nicht mal geahnt habe, dass es die überhaupt gibt.
Manchmal tauchen auch bekanntere Namen auf :))) Diesmal stelle die Zeitschrift eine Biographie über den berühmten, sehr unbekannten Meisterkomponist des 20. Jahrhunderts vor,  meine Leserschaft ahnt wer es ist:

La Monte Young

Philip schrieb über dieses Buch

From the shores of Utah Lake to the music of Coldplay and U2

What kind of musician waits 14 years to release a recording, makes only 500 copies of the album and then promptly sells each copy for more than $100? That would be La Monte Young.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of him, but you’ve definitely heard of the artists he’s influenced: Coldplay, U2, David Bowie, The Talking Heads and The Velvet Underground are a few. Artists Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol and composer Philip Glass also come to mind.

Yet Young, an enigmatic composer raised Mormon in the rural towns of Bern, Idaho, and American Fork, Utah, has remained virtually invisible to most of the world his entire life – even though he is considered the father of an entire genre of music.

“La Monte Young is the most famous and influential composer that you’ve maybe never heard of,” says BYU assistant music professor Jeremy Grimshaw. “Because he’s not interested in fame, he has never become a household name. And yet his musical influence is heard by every household in America.”

Grimshaw would know, having just finished 10 years of interviews, research and writing for his newly Oxford-published biography on Young, “Draw a Straight Line and Follow It.” The book, available this month, is the first to chronicle the life and works of the reclusive musician.


... der eigentlich nie La Monte hört ...

+17°C auf Balkon ... war meist sonnig heute ... Nudelsuppe mit Wienerle + Birklesuppennudeln ... Nachtisch: Favorini Vollmilch Waffelgebäck ...

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