Samstag, Februar 25, 2012

Juni 1974

ist ein Live-Album mit Liedern am durchgeführt Rainbow Theatre in London auf der Titular-Datum. Das Album wird offiziell zugeschrieben Kevin Ayers , John Cale , Brian Eno und Nico , obwohl auch andere bekannte Musiker, darunter Mike Oldfield und Robert Wyatt , trugen ebenfalls zu dem Konzert. Es wird auch informell als AKNE Album, das heißt "Ayers, Cale, Nico, Eno" bekannt.

Das Titelbild wurde von genommen Mick Rock im Foyer des Rainbow Theatre kurz vor dem Konzert begann.

Der verwirrte Blick zwischen John Cale (rechts) und Kevin Ayers (links) wird durch die Tatsache erklärt, dass Cale von seiner Frau erfahren hatte, dass diese in der Nacht vor der Show mit Ayers geschlafen hat.

John Cale:

"My first appearance on an Island recording was on an LP made from a concert which took place at London's now defunct Rainbow Theatre on 1 June 1974; the date became the album's title. I was actually one-fourth of the featured band—the others were the former Soft Machine guitarist Kevin Ayers, who had invited everyone to guest at what started at his own concert, the former Roxy Music musician Brian Eno, and Nico... This was the first time I had gone on stage on my own. And to me it was so important it was nerve-racking... The night before the concert Kevin and Cindy got together. That did it for me. She lied about it, but in the end I was able to go to Kevin and say, 'Look, as a gentleman, tell me, did such and such happen?' Kevin said, 'Yes.' I went back to Cindy and said 'Look, you fuck!' and things just got worse and worse."

Brian Eno on the concert:

"[John Cale] did a really interesting version of Heartbreak Hotel, in a minor key. It's incredibly suicidal. I mean you could never believe that that song could turn out to be such a downer as that... Nico did Deutschland Über Alles, which was very good... and she did The End by the Doors, which is the one they put on the album... Nico doing The End was so chilling, it really was. It was incredible. She invests it with so many levels of meaning I didn't hear in the Doors' one. She underplays it... there's just the harmonium, me playing synthesizer — almost doubling the harmonium part — and her singing... which is just like a rich, kind of non-specific miasma of sound...""

Kevin Ayers hat also in der Nacht vor jenem berühmten Konzert von 1974 die Frau von Mr. Cale,
klassisch (der kennt sein Bach) studierter Komponist, Schüler von La Monte Young, gefickt. Muss übel für John gewesen sein. Cale, damals harter Kokainkonsument, hat für eine Nacht die Schlacht gegen den Rotweisuffkopf Kevin (Ex- Softmachine) verloren.

Eno über John nach dem Konzert über John:

"[John Cale] did a really interesting version of Heartbreak Hotel, in a minor key. It's incredibly suicidal.“

Genaueres wußte er wohl nicht. Suzid.


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