Montag, Februar 07, 2011

die ersten Schneeglöckchen entdeckt

und die erste Wespe ist in das Zimmer rein geflogen


bei Edeka gibt es alles dafür

Gary Moore - Red House (Hendrix Cover)

58 wurde er


I was one of the guys, along with Bob Young & Neil Warnock who organised this concert at Wembley on behalf of Fender & children's charity Nordoff-Robbins, Gary was one of the real stars of the night, he played his heart out on this song & bought the audience of around 10.000 to their feet for the first spontaneous standing ovation. He played just as great during rehearsals too & blew everyone away. He hadn't played guitar for around 2 months before this as he'd cut his hand.....

yourpaljc vor 9 Stunden 24


RIP Gary, thanks for shredding for all of us throughout the years. I would love to have been at this concert, just because I bet 90% of the audience was going "Who the f*%* is this guy???!?!?" Totally under-rated guitarist but such a badass.

Gary, tell Hendrix and SRV I said hello, save a spot for me up there in the rehearsal room.
NeedlessKane vor 4 Stunden 10
NeedlessKane vor 4 Stunden 10

14°C warm soll es heute werden