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tech. DATA
FU Signature Guitar - Semi–solid Custom Guitar
Mensur :
Neck :
Fingerboard :
Fretwire :
Nut :
Tuner :
Tremolo :
Pickups :

Panel :
Finish :
650 mm / 25,6 inch
Vogelaugenahorn / ( Birdeye Maple )
Ebony ( Makassar Blockinlays )
Esche ( Ash ) / Ahorn ( Maple )
Dunlop 6155
Kluson / Ebony Heads
ABM Trem 5000
Bridge: Di Marzio Megadrive
Neck: Düsenberg Grand Vintage
2 Volume ( CTS 500 ) / 3-WayToggleswitch
Polyester Hochglanz ( Highgloss )

href="" target="_blank">synth

70mm (2.75") diameter - coke can size
52mm (2") tall
8 SIFAM two-shot moulded knobs
4 LED's (2 green, 2 red)
128 patch types (VCO/LFO/VCA/EG patching, including inverted EG types, and chaining EG>LFO>VCO, etc...), Modulation depth control
0 to 700%+ thru. zero VCO
VCO frequency from ~20Hz to 8KHz+
FM (linear) & LOG modulation
LFO rate from ~30mHZ to ultrasonic (24+ octaves)
8 LFO waveshapes (incl. random/noise and staircases)
500+ event sequencer with variable speed playback, overide ability and control knob intelligent gliding.
Morphable VCO waveshapes
3 AAA cells (NiMh or Alkaline), Stereo headphone amplifier
Envelope Generator (Attack/Decay knobs) ranging from 1ms-20secs, Single shot, Repeat or Record/Playback modes.

The bC8 is probably the smallest production synthesizer in the world and certainly the cutest.

Packed into the bC8's tiny round body is a hand-assembled gold plated circuit board, eight high-quality potentiometers, a stereo jack socket, push-button, no less than four LED's, battery holder (3xAAA cells) with a robust stainless steel base.

rom June 2010, the bC8 has been revised to feature colour coded knobs (like the bC9 & bC16), see picture below-left.

The bC8 costs £100.00*
Delivery: unavailable

Cream City/Warpdrive Music is a new, used, and vintage guitar shop located just outside buying and selling vintage Gretsch Amplifiers. Please feel free to ca

intl 00-1-262-860-1800
A vintage 1964 Gretsch 6161 amplifier. This amp has been professionally modified to accept I

-Serial #: G7803
-Manufacture Date: 1964
-Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone, Tremolo
-Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 9
-Weight: 271bs ~

Cosmetics _ -original tolex (see photos)

-original speakers: 2 Jensen C10R dated 220343 (re-coned), Rola 550-1 dated 285343 (discor -original Output transformer Magnetic Components, Inc. 340-6 dated 166355 -tubes: 12AX7 (3), EL84 (2), 5Y3
-replacement electrolytic capacitors

As the amp tech here at Cream City, 1 personally checked out this amp out. This amp has bei the hard-to-find, expensive 6973. This mod was professionally done and Works weil. In additiv disconnected. This is often done to 6161s and similar Gretsch amps simply because a 4-inch speaker is working however, and 1 would be happy to reconnect it if the buyer so wishes. The functional and sounds lovely--great raw Overdrive sounds.


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