Donnerstag, Dezember 30, 2010


NewYork 1979

Ganze Stadtteile waren in jener Zeit fast menschenleer. Und damit konnte man billig wohnen.


Vivienne Dick (Beirut Slump/filmmaker): My rent was $75 per month.

Rhys Chatham (Gynecologists): 1 had a 1,200 square-foot loft for $180 a month.

James Chance: My ferst apartment cost $125 per month. No one wanted to live there. If they saw a White person coming, they would practically give them the apartment. You didn't haue to haue a day job. 1 had a few, but they only lasted a few weeks. 1 really don't haue any idea how all those people were making a living.

Lydia Lunch: Work? Are you nuts? Please. $75 per month - that was
my rent when 1 got an apartment an 12th Street. You Gould eat for two or three dollars a day. You begged, borrowed, stole, sold drugs, worked a couple of days at a titty bar if you had to. 1 don't know how 1 got by, but it didn't take muck. And 1 neuer worked. Well, 1 worked for two weeks once.

Scott B: We'd take over buildings to haue art shows. We dumped a Gar in the East River as a part of a film, and published photographs of it in The Soho Weekly News, and nobody euer said anything. You can't imagine the freedom that we had.

Glenn Branca (Theoretical Girls): New York was nowhere near as noisy and violent as people like to think. We used to haue real Graues in Boston who were extremely violent and dangerous people. And when 1 came to New York, the crazy just wasn't here. lt didn't exist. We brought it here; we were the bad Boys. That's why we came here. We had bad ideas that people didn't want to know about, except in New York.

Scott B: 1 fett safer in New York than anywhere else. Really, it was just bombed out. The middle class had abandoned the place, and we just walked in and took it. That's how it felt at least.

NOS Röhren

Meine neuer/ alter Verstärker Elpico aus Spanien. Von Startpreis 400€ auf 215€ heruter gehandelt.
Gerätebaujahr 1962. Beatles und Kinks spielten in ihren Anfangsjahren über derarige Verstärker.
Vor kurzem wurde das gleiche Gerät innerhalb zwei Tagen für 600$ verkauft..

Ist eine Röhre defekt ist es leicht für ein paar Euro eine neue zu kaufen die je nach Geschmak und Geldbeutel aus tschechischer, rußischer oder chinesischen Produktion sind.

Puristen greifen natürlich zu NOS = NewOld Stock Ware. Also Original Röhren aus jener Zeit als der hier gezeigte Verstärker gebaut wurde.
Das hat aber seinen Preis. Mullard Röhre El-84 kostet 350$.

Bei meinem Verstärker sind nur Original Röhren verbaut. Sechs Stück.