Donnerstag, November 11, 2010


Aus der USA angekommen. Die Originalröhren sind es aber nicht. Nur eine von RCA. Die anderen aus Rußland und Tschechien.
Wäre das Teil von Gibson oder Fender hätte es locker 2000 Euro gekostet.
Ich bezahlte mit Transport und Zollgebühren ca. 700 Euro.


A vintage 1964 Gretsch 6161 amplifier. This amp has been professionally modified to accept EL84 power tubes.

-Serial #: G7803
-Manufacture Date: 1964
-Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone, Tremolo
-Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 9
-Weight: 27 lbs

-original tolex (see photos)

-original speakers: 2 Jensen C10R dated 220343 (re-coned), Rola 550-1 dated 285343 (disconnected)
-original output transformer: Magnetic Components, Inc. 340-6 dated 166355
-tubes: 12AX7 (3), EL84 (2), 5Y3
-replacement electrolytic capacitors

As the amp tech here at Cream City, I personally checked out this amp out. This amp has been converted to run on EL84 tubes instead of the hard-to-find, expensive 6973. This mod was professionally done and works well. In addition, the 4-inch Rola speaker has been disconnected. This is often done to 6161s and similar Gretsch amps simply because a 4-inch speaker in a guitar amp sounds terrible. The speaker is working however, and I would be happy to reconnect it if the buyer so wishes. The amp has also been re-capped. It is fully functional and sounds lovely--great raw overdrive sounds.

das Schweigen